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Callins Investigations and Security Services, Inc
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Investigation Services ...

Here at Callins Investigations & Security Services we specialize in;

  • Worker’s Compensation - Including interviews, physical surveillance, video and still photographic coverage, providing information about the living arrangements, extended disability, unreported income, support allegation of fraud, transferable job skills and or understandings in the Injured Worker's perception of their claim
  • Litigation Support (Civil & Criminal Defense) - We can help law enforcement agencies with their criminal investigations. We can also help law firms gather information for civil investigations.
  • Domestic Investigation (Spouse Infidelity, Pre-Marital, Dating Relationship) - Investigations conducted on an indirect approach within a given environment. By obtaining information relating to activity level, employment, and living arrangements or lifestyle we can help ensure the success of future investigations.
  • Locate Persons (Missing, child custody, Most recent address for an individual, Witness Location) - Track down missing persons with little information as a full name. We will get from you as much information as we can to help you find a loved one, a delinquent spouse, adopted child, or persons owing you money
  • Court History Search - Criminal backgrounds obtainable up to federal level of clearance. Offenses usually include immigration, fraud, weapons, interstate drug crimes, and civil rights violations.
  • Background Screening - We are experts in pre employment screening and background checks. We can help you determine if there are any problems with the people you are considering hiring or engaging in a personal or business relationship. (Pre-Employment background check, Nanny Screening, Tenant Screening, Verification of Credentials, Motor Vehicle Search, Driving Records Search, Criminal History Search, Corporate Information, UCC Transaction Searched, Vessel/Boat Registration, Land Ownership Search, Asset Search, Social Security Number Search, Telephone Number Search)
  • Loss Prevention (Inventory/Asset Theft, Misappropriation of Time, Corporate Espionage)
  • Covert Operations and Surveillance ( Corporate, Sexual Harassment)
  • GPS Tracking (monitor employees, family members i.e. teenager driver)
  • Drug Screening (Pre-employment, Random and or Suspect)

Additional Services ...

Additional investigation provided: Accident Reports, Aircraft Registration, Alcoholic Beverage Search, Articles of Incorporation, Bar Association Information, Certificates of Status, Death Records, Department of Banking & Finance, Department of Corrections, Department of Insurance, Division of Licensing , Divorce Records, Education Verification, Election Records, Marriage Records, Nationwide Driving Records, Tag/Plate Search, Title History, Title Number Search, Verification of Licensed Profession.

We Warranty;

  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Punctuality
  • National Network of Investigators
  • Explicit Reporting
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Dependability
  • Excellent Customer Service